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Indigo Magic!

I find creative inspiration in everything. Seems to like a shame to limit oneself to one thing. So here I am going in another different direction - dyeing wool. Last spring I bought three Japanese indigo plants at the farmer's market. At the time I didn't quite know why. They were interesting. I was curious. Japanese IndigoThe process is a bit of project and I found instructions here.

After stripping the leaves I made an indigo tea slowly steeping them in hot water.Indigo TeaAfter straining the leaves, adding Rit Color Remover, and adding the wool, the brew looked like this:Wool Indigo BathAnd then when you start to pull the wool out and it gets exposed to the air... Magic!MagicYikes! This is so cool. Blue wool.Blue WoolMy indigo plants are growing more leaves. Soon we will be doing this again.

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