Breathe …is there anything more important?


Yes!!! Let there be smoke going up the chimney.

I finally got around to firing my barrel kiln. I spent the big bucks ($60) and invested in a  real chimney. (The last one made with Habitat Store jacketed pipe just did not draw.) See  post

I made a series of lidded jars and while they were green, coated them with white and salmon colored terra sigilatta.

I loaded my barrel with sawdust, banana peels, brine soaked and dried paper towels, brine soaked pine needles, cut-up boxes, kindling, rolled-up newspaper, Spanish iron oxide, red iron oxide, copper carbonate, copper sulfate, and Miracle Grow fertilizer.

I got something cold to drink, a chair, readied a hose, called the neighbors to tell them I'd be making smoke, said a prayer of apology to Mother Nature for putting all this carbon into her atmosphere, and lit if off a 10:21 AM.

Fire up the barrel

And the new chimney actually worked and spewed smoke!!! Yessssss!!!

This firing only lasted until about 3 PM. I was able to retrieve my pots around 7 PM. Pictured below are some of the ones I liked.

Barrel Fired Pots

I encased this pot below in a copper scouring pad and it made a nice pattern.

Detail of Copper netting

This one came out with a nice blaze.

Sweet barrel-fired pot

I have another batch of lidded jars so will be doing this again before winter.