Breathe …is there anything more important?


importance of breathing



The first question to answer: why breathe?

This title or slogan was born last 4th of July. I was in the local Bayview, Idaho parade with my artist group, the Scenic Bay Arts Guild. We all made silly costumes and carried signs. After thinking for a bit about a slogan, I settled on the one word, "breathe." I like this because it is the primary thing we do without thinking about it. But stop, think for a minute, what would happen if we didn't do it.


When learning to meditate typically one of the first methods of focusing attention is to count breaths. Inhale, exhale, focus now, and no you do not need to stop meditating to go clean out the frig. Just sit tight. No don't worry about anything else but watching your breath.

Sit tight! Don't pay attention to the itches or the sore knees, follow your breath and hold tight for the wild ride you are about to experience. The one your mind will take you on. And.....remember to BREATHE! Much more to come in the next installment.