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Glaze Firing Test Results

I unloaded my first glaze firing of the summer early this morning. My main objective this time was to do a bunch of glaze testing. This might have been a bit too ambitious. I tested 6 clay bodies, 4 base glazes and numerous coloring agents. I spent a whole day mixing samples. I weighed the dry ingredients of the four base glazes then sieved them dry; then I measured out 30 grams of each adding a percentage of a coloring agent. The copper carbonate was disappointing. I forgot how strong the cobalt and chromium are and those samples came out too dark. The reds, oranges and yellows came from using Degussa Inclusion Pigments. I think that they were successful. I used chartreuse Mason Stain for the light lime green. (I was hoping for something closer to my toenail polish.) Two of the glaze bases, which by the way, I came from Mastering Cone Six Glazes, were supposed to be semi-mat. The glaze cycle went a bit faster than I had anticipated so I didn't turn off the fan on the venting system at the very end of the cycle. I think the kiln cooled a bit faster than recommended to get a good mat finish.

I also made some plates because we need them. I used a dark brown clay, decorated them with white slip, bisqued, then added cobalt oxide accents. I couldn't decide what color to glaze them so I splashed 3 colors on top letting the design show through. They came out okay and will be fun to eat off of but I know better than to cling to plates in our house. They get broken easily.

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  1. I love the toes! lol… but those clay dishes are really neat. Love those colors!

  2. Thank you Kathy. Since we seem to only have a couple weeks of summer weather this year, I need to get wild with the toenail polish.

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