Breathe …is there anything more important?


Give me more light!

Much of the time I don't have much to say, hence, pictures. Pictured below is my new lamp. I made the base with Vashon Orange clay. I assembled it from five thrown pieces. It is unglazed and fired to cone 6. I used a bottle lamp-kit with a female die cut rubber stopper inserted into the top of the clay base. A steel nipple is screwed into that piece and all the other components of the lamp are assembled around it.  The shade is connected with a piece of metal called a harp that arches around the bulb and socket.  I had to ponder the proportions of the base vs. the shade. The first shade I bought was too small. Also, the size of the harp should equal the size of the shade. If it doesn't, the shade will be like an over-sized hat. To turn on the lamp, one would have to reach up under the shade and also, the shade would obscure the base.

My husband helped me assemble the socket. He is so good at getting out his ohm meter and measuring all the places that need to be measured. I asked him to measure my hands; I was hoping that my electro-biochemical chi would register....but it didn't.


Also pictured: raku vase made by Larry Clark and ceramic sphere sculptures.

That's what I learned. And certainly, I've written more words than I have anticipated.

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  1. A beautiful still life…and my god that lamp is fabulous…. I love it and would buy one in a second. You are oozing with talent and creativity….

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