Breathe …is there anything more important?


Chinese Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhytmdiagram copyright 2010 JWBokman


This information came from my acupuncturist. At my last visit I mentioned that I liked to meditate in the mornings, my thought being that meditation is a great way to start the day, and starting the day for me is about 8 AM. She explained that in Chinese medicine, the day actually starts at about 3 AM. I must have looked at her a bit cross-eyed. I thought that the Chinese can certainly be circuitous but this idea seemed absolutely contrary.

She then drew a diagram similar to the one above. She said that the most Yin part of a day is at 3 AM. The day is divided into two hour segments and a recommended activity best suited for that time is suggested. I started my list with lung - breathing. This is, according to Chinese medicine, the most auspicious time to meditate.

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