Breathe …is there anything more important?


Eternal Glimpse

After doing battle with "perfect is the enemy of done," I am launching my new site with a new domain name -


The name just jumped into my head one day. I like the apparent contradiction of terms; eternal meaning timeless and glimpse meaning a happening that takes place in an instant. Occasionally we are fortunate enough to get a glimpse of enlightenment.

This site will showcase mandalas - tools for balancing chi, focusing attention, calming the spirit.

I created them over a few years. They were inspired by spiritual longing, curiosity, winter depression, sadness, and joy.

May they bring peace and happiness to all beings and perhaps the glimpse will become a lasting gaze.

Feng Shui Element - Fire


Dog Dharma and Grasping

A couple weeks ago Sora, the Vizsla, found a gopher hole. Since then she has been spending most of her waking hours standing sentry over this soft mound of dirt watching for movement. Much of this time she has been standing, as above, onĀ  three legs ready to pounce. When I say most of her waking hours I'm not exaggerating. I admire her persistence and determination but when I call her and gives me a pained look.

I am reminded of my brother who was the same about fishing. He'd be out on the pier all day long trying to catch a fish. My mother would go out and plead with him to come eat dinner. He'd say that if he just had ten more minutes, he knew he'd catch a fish. The ten minutes would go by and he'd be negociating for another ten minutes. It would be getting dark and he'd still be out there grasping to the idea that he couldn't leave because if he did he'd miss out on catching a fish.

The Buddha taught that:

  1. In life there is suffering.
  2. Suffering is caused by grasping or attachment.
  3. The end of suffering is attainable.
  4. The path to the end of suffering is eightfold, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

These are the four noble truths.

How many times have we grasped onto something or some idea and stubbornly refused to come in and eat dinner?

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Chinese Circadian Rhythm

Circadian Rhytmdiagram copyright 2010 JWBokman


This information came from my acupuncturist. At my last visit I mentioned that I liked to meditate in the mornings, my thought being that meditation is a great way to start the day, and starting the day for me is about 8 AM. She explained that in Chinese medicine, the day actually starts at about 3 AM. I must have looked at her a bit cross-eyed. I thought that the Chinese can certainly be circuitous but this idea seemed absolutely contrary.

She then drew a diagram similar to the one above. She said that the most Yin part of a day is at 3 AM. The day is divided into two hour segments and a recommended activity best suited for that time is suggested. I started my list with lung - breathing. This is, according to Chinese medicine, the most auspicious time to meditate.


importance of breathing



The first question to answer: why breathe?

This title or slogan was born last 4th of July. I was in the local Bayview, Idaho parade with my artist group, the Scenic Bay Arts Guild. We all made silly costumes and carried signs. After thinking for a bit about a slogan, I settled on the one word, "breathe." I like this because it is the primary thing we do without thinking about it. But stop, think for a minute, what would happen if we didn't do it.


When learning to meditate typically one of the first methods of focusing attention is to count breaths. Inhale, exhale, focus now, and no you do not need to stop meditating to go clean out the frig. Just sit tight. No don't worry about anything else but watching your breath.

Sit tight! Don't pay attention to the itches or the sore knees, follow your breath and hold tight for the wild ride you are about to experience. The one your mind will take you on. And.....remember to BREATHE! Much more to come in the next installment.